Measures Taken In The Scope Of Covid-19

Measures Related To;
•  Transfer vehicles used by employees to come to work and go home are disinfected before and after each trip.
•  Employees are required to wear protective masks during transfers and the safety distance rule applies to transfer vehicles.
•  Before starting work, employees undergo a general health screening and temperature readings are taken with digital thermometers. Personnel with high fevers and illness-related findings are sent home again. Personnel who are not feeling well are asked not to come to work and the action to be taken.
•  Staff uniforms will be changed and laundered daily and disinfected before starting work.
•  An adequate number of sanitizing units are available in staff public areas and back-office areas. Regardless of department, each employee must disinfect their hands every hour and wash their hands according to instructions.
•  Employees in housekeeping, cleaning, food and drink production, and in non-visible areas, such as dishwashing areas, must wear masks and disposable gloves.
•  There are posters and brochures on pandemic and hygiene topics in the staff's public areas, and the distance rule applies in these areas.
•  Every employee knows and applies the distance rule in their relationships with guests as well as with each other. Staff members who have direct contact with guests use masks as needed.
•  The facility has a certified company physician who is responsible for employees. Action plans are available when possible.
•  Since the beginning of the pandemic process, all employees have been trained by specialized companies and health care teams on pandemic and prevention methods and transmission conditions. These topics are continually discussed in daily meetings.

General Hygiene And Cleaning Rules For Rooms;
• In all public areas and WCs, special attention is paid to cleaning surfaces in constant contact, door handles, handrails, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, batteries, urinals and toilet bowls. After cleaning with water, diluted bleach and chlorine tablets are used and detergents. All of these applications are performed with masks and disposable gloves
• Hand sanitizers are available in all public places, restrooms, and at any point needed and are checked regularly.
• Cleaning and disinfection intervals are managed using detailed checklists that are generated with increasing frequency.
• Elevator capacity utilization is limited so that only one family member, 4 people from the same group, or a maximum of 2 people who do not know each other can use at one time. Instructions for elevator use are located in visible locations.
• All public areas and seating in public areas have been rearranged with safe physical distances in mind.
• Sun beds around the beach and the pool have been rearranged taking into account the rules of social distance.
• The guest rooms, restaurants, bars, SPA and wellness areas, general rooms, meeting rooms, congress halls and all other guest areas, as well as kitchen areas, staff use areas, offices and warehouses of the facility are disinfected in detail with hydrogen peroxide-based material, the effects of which are known and approved.
• Disinfection processes performed by professional teams are continued on a regular basis.
• Disinfection processes carried out by professional teams are continued on a regular basis. In addition, mobile disinfection teams trained in the hotel work on this issue.
• Tesiste kimyasal temizlik ürünleri konusunda uluslararası bilinirliği olan Eczacıbaşı Firması ile çalışılmaktadır. Eczacıbaşı firması tüm personele düzenli aralıklar ile detaylı eğitimler vermektedir. Bu nedenle temizlik esnasında uygun dozda ve doğru kimyasalların kullanılması sağlanmaktadır. Her alan için uygun temizlik malzemesi ve farklı ekipmanlar ile temizlik işlemleri sağlanmaktadır.

Check-in and check-out precautions;
• Luggage and other items are safely received in the hotel after disinfection by employees who have received the required training and transported to the guests' rooms.
• Guests are subjected to temperature measurement by means of the temperature gauge located at the entrance door. In case of a negative situation, this situation is only shared with the individual and the necessary measures are taken according to the KVKK laws, which are specified in the action plans.
• The staff in charge explains the measures in general and offers colognes. The hotel's guest relations team has been assigned to assist guests in all matters.
• All measures have been taken to ensure that there is no congregation at the entrance and exit of the facility, security clearances have been indicated, and secure waiting areas have been provided when waiting is required.
• Key cards are prepared before guests enter the hotel and issued in disinfected and protected sleeves. Pens used to fill out required documents are disinfected. All sign-in procedures are conducted in compliance with the distance rule.
• Contactless POS devices are used within certain limits and these devices are continuously disinfected.
• All transactions required during check-in and check-out are performed exclusively within the distance rule and properly.

Precautions in the rooms;
• Cleaning staff and chiefs who work in room cleaning use masks and disposable gloves. After each room is cleaned, hands are washed before the cleaning of the other room begins, and new masks, gloves and cleaning cloths are used.
• Effective disinfectants and detergents are used during room cleaning. More attention is paid to surfaces that are constantly touched by hands, such as: Door handles, batteries, telephone receivers, remote control, remote control for air conditioning, light switches, kettles, coffee machines and minibars. These are disinfected separately after cleaning.
• Rooms are ventilated for at least 1 hour after the cleaning process is completed.
• Room capacity utilization is carefully monitored and rooms are staffed with spacing. After all cleaning and disinfection procedures, new guests will not be admitted to checked-out rooms for a specified period of time.
• Linen products and towels are changed daily and there is no shaking during collection or distribution. Therefore, the formation of dust and particles is not allowed, and dirty linen is collected in separate areas. All used linen and towels are washed at 90 degrees and with a sufficient duration.
• The amenities prepared for the daily use of the guests are disinfected before being placed.
• Mini bar products are disinfected after purchase, stored in a safe environment and served to rooms after being disinfected again by staff.
• Pen, letterhead, brochures, etc. are disposed of after each guest and not reused.
• Room capacity utilization is carefully monitored and rooms are spaced. New guests will not be admitted for a specified period of time until all cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been completed in checked out rooms.
• In all of our hotels, our room capacity is not utilized for a specified period of time. Therefore, care will be taken to maintain the distance rule required in our food and drink units.

Food and Drink Unit Precautions;
• Hand disinfection devices are located at the entrances of all food and drink units and a staff member is assigned at the entrances to provide necessary instructions regarding reception and capacity utilization.
• Tables, chairs, stools and seating spacing in all food and drink areas have been arranged according to recommended safety distances. Restaurant, bar and general room sizes and capacities are extremely spacious and adequate.
• General cleaning of food and drink areas, tables, chairs, benches, buffets and all other materials are cleaned and sanitized at the beginning and end of service in accordance with cleaning and sanitation plans.
• The buffet service system at the facility has been curtailed to some degree, and buffets use pandemic-oriented materials and equipment that are frequently replaced with new ones. Staff are always present at the buffets to provide necessary guidance and service.
• Tablecloths and napkins are not used on the tables, and condiment materials are properly disinfected after each use.
• The tea and coffee machines used in the restaurant are not available to the guests for a certain period of time.
• Dishes in the food and drink units are washed with a dishwasher rather than by hand, and presentations may be made with disposable materials, depending on the environment.
• Food and drink areas, tables, chairs, benches, buffets and all other materials will be properly cleaned and sanitized at the beginning and end of service.

Measures in SPA and sports areas;
• Extremely hygienic conditions are created in baths, saunas, massage areas and care services, and pre-secured or disposable materials are used.
• The capacity of use in sauna, Turkish bath and steam bath is limited according to hygienic conditions.
• All sports equipment, machines and devices in the gymnasiums have been rearranged at the required appropriate intervals, and disinfection processes are carried out immediately after each use.
• General places such as locker rooms, showers, toilets and all materials such as towels, bathrobes, peshtamal, closets and keys, are safely cleaned and disinfected.
• All employees who perform the applications must follow the rules that have been established. After each application they disinfect themselves and they work in dry places with masks and gloves.

Precautions in the children's club and playgrounds;
• Under the circular of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, social distance rules apply in areas reserved for our children, such as mini clubs, playgrounds and amusement parks.
• At the entrance of the areas for children, fever is measured and recorded.

Precautions regarding pool, beach and activities;
• In the hotel, sports and entertainment activities with low capacity and gentle, continue according to the social distance rules.
• Between the beach loungers at the pools and the beaches, new precautions have been made according to the social distance rule. The beach and pool capacities of the hotel are extremely adequate.
• Pool cleaning continues according to chemical levels that do not cause disease or epidemic.
• All beach chairs, beach mats, beach and pool cabanas and their materials are subject to daily cleaning and disinfection processes as required.
• It is ensured that the ventilation systems of the indoor pools function smoothly.